Handmade Vegan Bracelet | Silver


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Handmade Vegan Silver Bracelet In Stainless Steel! (to be combined with the vegan silver necklace)

Why is this handmade vegan silver necklace is so special?

♥ Strictly Handmade with love

♥ Made of stainless steel

♥ Hypoallergenic

♥ Does not leave stains on the skin

♥ Long durability

We have created this line of handmade vegan jewelry because we believe in the strength of the vegan message, in its positivity, strength, love and respect for all living beings, for our land and for our health.

This little accessory allows us to carry the strength of this message and always remind us how awesome we are for doing this and how good we are doing for the animals, the planet, other humans and our health! 

This is also ideal for a gift to a loved one who embraces this philosophy on their birthday, or for any occasion or holiday ♥

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